The role of the Caledon Special Olympics Community Council is to communicates with all of the stakeholders to ensure that all constituents have knowledge of what is happening in their community with Special Olympics. 

The role of the Community Council:
  • Communicate to SOO, the activities of the community
  • Support and provide guidance on community growth and development
  • Create community awareness and exposure
  • Follow the financial and fundraising accountability practices for SOO to maintain the organizations good name and reputation
  • Ensure that athletes and volunteers are not at risk and are not prevented from participating for fear of risk
  • Improved decision making for the protection of the membership and the organization as a whole
  • To create an annual statement of goals for the community in regards to volunteer, athlete, sport program and competition growth
  • Establish set meeting times and agendas that cover the basic elements of Special Olympics programming including issues of policy and procedures, program goals etc.
  • Create and execute a well-organized fundraising plan to meet current and future financial needs of the community
  • Encourage input from the membership, volunteers, athletes, family members and sponsors