Sport is a crucial part of the lives of the world's population. Caledon Special Olympics is able to offer people with intellectual disability the same values, pleasures and satisfaction.  In addition it is an invaluable means by which social, physical and psychological skills can be taught and learned.  

Caledon Special Olympics:
  • May contain elements of play, recreation and physical education
  • Is accessible and open to all athletes with an intellectual disability, regardless of their ability.
  • Choices in their opportunity to train and to compete
  • Opportunities to make new friends, develop life skills, and travel
  • Opportunities for social skill development
  • Opportunities to excel in sport and as a person
  • The opportunity to get involved in the community and impact the lives of other athletes and family members

Athlete Eligibility:

If the person (male or female) is two years of age or older and is identified by an agency or professional as having an intellectual disability, then that person is eligible to participate as and athlete in Special Olympics.
If the person is identified as having closely related developmental disabilities with functional limitations in both general and learning adaptive skills, then that person is eligible to participate in Caledon Special Olympics.