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A special message from Special Olympics Ontario regarding recent provincial masking recommendations

November 22, 2022


Re: Provincial Masking Recommendations 

The recent announcement of the province’s medical authority advising Ontarians to wear face coverings indoors to help reduce the spread of all viruses, including COVID-19, will result in some adjustments to our Special Olympics Ontario programs.


Effective immediately, Special Olympics Ontario is strongly recommending face coverings to be worn within all indoor facilities while participating in Special Olympics Ontario training, competitions or social events. Face coverings may be removed while actively participating in physical exercise but should be placed on again immediately after the physical exercise. We do not view this as a step backwards, but rather a step forward to ensure the health and wellness of our members and to reinforce the need to be vigilant in preventing the spread of all viruses.

In the weeks to come, Special Olympics Ontario will be sending a supply of masks to our community programs. Program Consultants will be in touch with communities to coordinate the distribution of the face coverings.


School based sport programs will continue to follow the direction of their respective school board. Partner programs will continue to follow the direction of their respective provincial sport organization.


Hand hygiene is an extremely effective way to reduce the spread of viruses. Please wash your hands, frequently, with warm soapy water or use hand sanitizer.


Special Olympics Ontario continues to promote the importance of vaccinations to assist in the fight against the COVID-19 virus and influenza. Please get your COVID-19 booster shot and flu shots to help mitigate the spread of viruses within our SOO programs and within the community. If you require further information about the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit


Most importantly, if you are unwell, stay home!

Stay informed by going to our website for the latest updates. 

Should you have any questions or would like to speak with a staff person about the pandemic please email or call

1-888-333-5515 ext. 311 and leave a message and we will follow up. 

Thank you for understanding, 

Glenn MacDonell

President & CEO